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"Live Your Truth"
Malibu Soda Title

What even is a regular body?

Malibu Soda, a college thesis film, presents a story about a gay young man, Taylor, who struggles to find beauty in himself. He distracts himself from acknowledging his body by mimicking personalities and people he deems "perfect". One person in particular who draws his attention is a pop star, REVE. While her life and persona appear truthful, fascinating, and superior on the screen, the public is just watching fabricated and manufactured moments created by the powers above... 

ACADEMIC VIEWING: MassArt Senior Show at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

May 11th & 12th, 2022 

JUDGES SELECT SHORTS - New York Lift-Off Film Festival - 2023.png
Malibu Soda Showcase
Malibu Soda Disco Ball



Xander Toti

Xander Toti



Courtney Brooks

Courtney Brooks



Sarah Stryker

Sarah Stryker



Raheem KD Lee


Roza Lay


Christopher Gregoire


Club Performer


About the Filmmakers

Malibu Soda Lucas Arruda Filmmaker

Lucas Arruda (he/him)

Director | Writer | Executive Producer | Editor

Lucas, who recently graduated from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2022, is an Independent Filmmaker and Artist in the greater Boston area. While working on many projects throughout his time at MassArt, he recently made his directional debut with his film "Malibu Soda", a queer experimental narrative filled with pop music video elements.  Lucas gravitates toward post-production work, and cinematography, and has an interest in directing more films and music videos in the future.

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Caroline Rowe (she/her)

Assistant Director

Bio Unavailable At The Moment

Javier Castillo (he/they)

Director of Photography

Bio Unavailable At The Moment

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Malibu Soda Lila Villasenor Composer

Lila Villasenor (she/her)

Music Composer and Scorist

Lila Villasenor is a composer and violinist from Rockland County, New York. She currently studies film scoring, jazz theory, and conducting at Berklee College of Music. Lila’s accolades include participation in Mannes School of Music’s Pre-College, placing as a finalist in the Great American Song Contest (2021), and performing as a soloist alongside the Rockland Symphony Orchestra (2018).

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Malibu Soda Taylor Still
Lucas Arruda
Malibu Soda Heels


Listen to the Inspiration

Malibu Soda embraces a similar rhythm and editing style found in some pop music videos. Discover music that helped inspire the aesthetics, visual concepts, and shots in this film.

By finding and listening to music that encapsulated the same energy of this glowing world, Lucas began to imagine individual, music video concepts for some of these songs. From those separate ideas and looks, he merged these imagined moments into Malibu Soda's cinematography.
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